The mini beaker style glass bong is made from 4mm glass and is 26cm in height. $44.20 NEW. The Chongz "White Nasty" is a beautiful craft bong from Chongz. Purchase your very own Chongz Multi-Chamber Perc Ice Bong at Grasscity for a bargain price. Products mentioned:1. Chongz Crawlpappy Glass Percolator Bong 30cm The Crawlpappy from Chongz is the new version of our most popular Bong from Chongz. Instead of simply being filtered through water like a plain bong, percolator bongs feature additions called percolators or “percs” for short, … Only 5 left in stock. Percolator Bongs These perc bongs will deliver the smoothest hit you've ever tasted. The triple perc system helps t remove tar and cool the smoke by forcing it to travel a longer distance. Chongz - Dr Death Glass Bong This immense glass multi-chamber bong by Chongz is awe-inspiring in look and performance. The Chongz Huffle Guff features classy frosted glass, a diffuser stem and a 6 arm percolator system. A selection of Chongz Glass Bongs and Acrylic Waterpipes currently available here at Cheapasmokes. Percolator Bongs, aka Perc Bongs, as the name indicates, features one, double, triple or even multiple percolators inside the bong for filtration and cooling down the temperature of the smoke or vapor for perfect hits! a billy noun: an Australian slang term for a bong/ waterpipe - used for smoking "Pack that cone and pass us the billy" a billy noun: an Australian slang term for a bong/ waterpipe - used for smoking "Pack that cone and pass us the billy" ... CHONGZ Ice Percolator Billy - 35cm. from $94.20 FREE SHIPPING. The design of the percolator bong diffuses the smoke, so more surface area comes into contact with the … Free Delivery Available! Pink Mini Palm Tree Perc Bong - 6in. Rora Straight Glass Bongs Honeycomb - Height 17in Three Layers Percolator Birdcage (Green) 4.3 out of 5 stars 82. The Spyder Maan Percolator Glass Bong 35cm is crafted in 7mm borosilicate glass and embellished with multiple chambers and arms. At 55cms in height, the Dr Death glass bong uses 3 Inline percolators to diffuse the smoke as it travels through the water pipe.This produces both smoother hits while also ensuring only the cleanest smoke reaches the mouthpiece. Two separate chambers both of which contain tree arm percolators to diffuse, filter and cool the smoke and also offer excellent filtering for a clean smooth smoke. Choose from your favorite brands, such as Waterfall, Planet X, Titan and many more. Filtering smoke through water not only cools down the hit but is also much healthier as it removes toxins from smoke. Regular price £38.99 Chongz 'Widow Maker' 30cm Amber Ice Glass Bong… That’s why you need a percolator bong. Packaged discreetly and free shipping Australia-wide for orders over $100. Regular price £34.99 Chongz 'Chainsaw' 32cm White Glass Bong. Introducing the new range of Chongz Bongs Each one is unique and features its own special set of features 3 arm percolator Ice notches Diffuser adapter Ash catcher Socket Size - 14mm