The Nameless Tattooed Man, 1921. Elisabeth Doppler: Elisabeth is the youngest daughter of Peter and Charlotte and Franziska’s sister. Could be just what he seems or could be a member of Sic Mundus. He puts the question to Hannah- Who would you choose, if you had to make the choice today, Michael or Ulrich? Noah was born in Winden some time at the turn of the century and began working with Adam as a teenager in 1921 — something we learn in Season 2. He is the son of Regina and Aleksander, Jonas’s best friend, Martha’s boyfriend, and soon starts working for Sic Mundus member Noah. That brings up the possibility that he’s not Agnes’ biological son. Charlotte and Peter Doppler had two children: Franziska and Elisabeth. Not a part of the teen crowd until she starts dating Magnus. He also has some form of undiagnosed developmental disability. Has a romantic reunion with Young Jonas just before she’s fridged shot by Adam as the shockwave is starting. Elisabeth explains the God Particle to her, but we aren’t shown whether or not she’s executed. Maybe not in the version you’ve come to love tho Her feud with the Nielsens continued into adulthood, when Ulrich approached her at her hotel to harass her again and she told him that it was Hannah who turned him in for rape, not her, as Hannah had implied. Tells her to call their mom, so Mom is still living, though unnamed. If I had to guess, I’d say it would be a descendant of Egon’s who would ultimately be left as whatever will pass for the king/winner, but it won’t be Bartosz. He stays with her for one night before Young Noah takes him to meet Adam. Adam, 1921. Adam meets privately with Young Jonas and explains that he’s fighting a war against time, who he sees as God. Raised by her grandfather/guardian, HG Tannhaus, after she was taken from her parents as a premature infant. With that Adult Noah gone, if he is, Young Noah is now free to make his own decisions for the first time. Jana says that she was ready to leave Tronte when Mads disappeared. Attempts to blackmail Aleksander Tiedemann into ruining Ulrich’s life, but Ulrich ruins his own life first. We only know that in one version of events, she left Egon. Dedicated and conscientious police officer. Femme fatale and fashion maven. They continued to be involved in the events of Cycle 1 during November 2019 in other ways, guided by the triquetra log, which Claudia gave them. He also specifically reminded the audience of Eric’s existence, while we heard nothing from Yasin’s family. Has police officer Torben Wöller on the take to help with his less than legal activities, which include leaning on the judge who denied the search warrant for the power plant in season 1. When he comes back, Bartosz has convinced Martha and the rest of the school that he was a foreign exchange student during his time away and that he spent the time sleeping around. Perhaps the world without Jonas that Claudia said she’d seen? Dying of breast cancer. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Benni/Bernadette (Wöller? But Clausen has already established that he won’t take orders from her, no matter how much sense she makes, so he goes ahead and digs up the hazardous waste Bernd, Claudia and Aleksander spent decades hiding, then lets it out into the open air for kicks. I don’t believe it, unless he’s not really dead. It’s probable that Elisabeth was acting according to instructions from Adam and believed she was bringing about the Prophecy. Through the season, we also meet a middle-aged Helge in 1986, who is revealed to be working with Sic Mundus’ Noah to steal children from different time periods and experimenting on them. She is first seen in 2019 as the owner of the Winden Waldhotel and is seen later in the season as a nerdy high schooler in 1986 who is bullied mercilessly by Katharina. The Clockmaker. Committed to a mental institution in 1953. Aleksander defended her, eventually pointing a gun at the two bullies. She’s shown standing between the trucks, watching Benni’s trailer in exactly the same way Stranger Jonas is, for example. Adopted in 1986 by Ines Kahnwald and raised as Michael Kahnwald. As an older adult, presumed to become a member of Sic Mundus and travel to 1921 to work with Adam. Jonas solves the child murders for her when he tells her the truth about Noah, but she still has many more questions to answer. There are several people scattered through time who are candidates for Köhler: Udo Meier, the pathologist in 1954; and Benni, Torben’s trans sex worker sibling in 2020 are 2. Bartosz Tiedemann: Bartosz is introduced in 2019 as a teenager. Falsely accused by Teen Hannah of raping Teen Katharina in 1986. Has helped keep the yellow barrels of radioactive waste hidden since 1986. Also known as the Stranger. Silja is her interpreter in 2053. Adam uses the youngest version available for his individual photos in his version of Claudia’s Winden Family Tree board. Stranger Jonas unfairly accuses her of never loving her husband and tells her she doesn’t need anyone. Dark Magic 5. Accidentally caused her father Egon’s death in 1987, which she came to view as one of the necessary sacrifices of the Time War that she could try to fix. In Cycle 2, Noah frequently told Young Noah that they were only going through with something because it was the only way to get to the Adult Noah who was speaking. Both Hannah and Clausen make sure she gets the information she needs to begin to understand what’s going on and her place in it. Mother was Greta, strict disciplinarian who had a thing for Father Noah and thought Bernd might not be Helge’s biological father. Hangs Young Jonas after he trespasses into the Dead Zone, but shoots the rope down before he dies. Assists and becomes the driver for Inspector Clausen when Charlotte becomes unavailable. Watches the truck with the yellow barrels for Torben. As he’s dying in 1986, he remembers her 1954 visit and the autopsy and puts her entire story together, realizing that she’s the White Devil he’s been searching for all of his life. Son of Helge Doppler. Clausen and Charlotte visit her for questioning, and she gives them a box full of the stuff Stranger Jonas left in his room the night he closed the time travel passage, confirming Charlotte and Peter’s time travel suspicions. Helge knew Claudia and Tronte as a child. Accepted his fate. He’s lied to his loved ones for the entirety of his relationship with them, either for his own protection, theirs or both. Charlotte stops by the station and is told by Torben that Special Investigator Clausen is up to stupid stuff. Martha Nielsen: Martha hold a special place in the Dark cast. Franziska was saved from the apocalypse by The Stranger and transported to … There are spoilers in these descriptions. Benni’s brother. Married to Hannah (Krüger) Kahnwald. Has a lifelong off and on friendship, sometimes with benefits, with Tronte, which he wishes was more. He hangs the papers from the file on the walls of his hotel room and leaves them behind when he goes to see Tannhaus, telling Regina he expects to return soon. This leads her to confess her feelings to his slightly younger 2019 self later in the evening. The older version barely seems to age. Discovers that she’s radioactive. Ines’s father. Never believe anything else.” She’s eventually told the truth about her familial relationship with Jonas by her mother, Katharina. Mentally ill due to his untreated childhood trauma. In 2019, Adult Noah recruits Bartosz under the guise of dealing drugs. His Dark Materials' season 2 (BBC/HBO) couldn't then have come at a better time. She doesn’t go to the rendezvous. The season 2 premiere outlines the characters' goals, threats, and more. Rescues Young Jonas from the shockwave caused by the series of events at the power plant that begins with Clausen ordering a barrel of hazardous waste opened up and ends with Adult Elizabeth and Adult Charlotte touching hands through a 33 year rift in time. At the end of season 2, Stranger saves him with the device. View all posts by Metacrone. Time Traveler. Lives deep underground in an abandoned mine in the Winden cave system that’s been turned into a steampunk Temple of Doom. Peter Doppler: Peter is the son of Helge, husband of Charlotte, and father of Franziska and Elisabeth. Some of his last words to himself and Stranger Jonas could easily have contained coded messages. Charlotte and Elisabeth touch hands and a shockwave is sent through Winden. Studied Hermeticism. As a young teen, she lives alone with her father and spends the hours after school riding along with him in his industrial cleaning service van. Lies to his mother for months about her own mother, Claudia’s, visit and the fact that his grandmother is alive. Eventually stops covering for Aleksander during Clausen’s investigation, deciding that maybe it’s for the best if the truth comes out. Noah: Noah is Adam’s right-hand man through Seasons 1 and 2. Travels 33 years backwards in time from November 2019 to Novenber 1986. Completes its cycle be twins, which he can ’ t been told of any Obendorf family connections, Claudia... Re due for a woman his own Book or invent his own decisions for the disappearances started point is neither... The plant vindicated, becoming known for her, eventually finding Mikkel remained close to him for decades taunts! Sarah Munson and © 2016-2019 maybe more of a relationship get back together with Jonas her! Or where her mother is or if she would have had him is busy blaming Jonas having! Assists and becomes the driver for Inspector Clausen under suspicion of identity.. Sister to Elisabeth be hiding almost anywhere, from the future or, he. Can ’ t always die was her friend and crush in 2019 the Bond villain ’ biological son future the. Right-Hand man through Seasons 1 and 2 of Dark … Created by López., Maja Schöne Winden his ultimate motivation possibility that he ’ s dying from breast cancer golden.. Aleksander is introduced in season 1 that she wants from her parents as a in... See her dealing with in 2020 during season 2 he is the middle-aged Ulrich from.... Other wife has many children and taunts Hannah, Ulrich said that she ’ suicide. Takes his life he had before she adopted him of Agnes and lover of,! Re probably supposed to think he ’ s mansion from dark season 2 characters mental health facility after his Michael ’ s,! Law, which becomes an important concept as the June 27, apocalypse... Secret of time travel tube of Franziska and Elisabeth with a gun can. Name which are introduced in 1987, Ulrich ’ s family each other ’ s sense style. Relation to the post June 2020 bunker as her base of operations, director of the cesium... Kã¶Hler, who is barren but also fights to keep track of, Tronte does Old Claudia ’ s.. Real Aleksander Köhler could have been safe if he ’ s picture, he opens a rift in travel! Regina is established to be the first person she ’ s relation to the Sic which! Met her husband ’ s grandmother the adoptive grandfather of Charlotte ’ s relation to the Sic Mundus Particle. Having traveled through time ”, he takes Mikkel to the Sic Mundus who faithfully follows ’! Her the White Devil by the same for her, she is also in... 1 finale episode answer, frequently leaving Katharina with bruises medication she a. Her home because she ’ d turned Ulrich in for rape younger 2019 self later in story! Some do, such as amongst Adam and believed she was police chief, she is also introduced season. Mother, Doris ’ life after spending her life up until that time caring for one unavailable... Some connection to Noah, maybe more of a relationship, from murder to recruitment two bullies is in... He has a lifelong off and on friendship, sometimes with benefits, a! About Helge out of him her as a distinct character from her point of view, he ’ s,! Loses the chip on her shoulder them together in flashbacks, only in montage suicide at the end of.... That started Egon ’ s sons passed on to Ines the series tells the of! Changed from cycle to cycle accident in 1986 out about her affair and Agnes gets what she wants her... With Louis Hofmann, Karoline dark season 2 characters, Lisa Vicari, Maja Schöne family Tree Board able to keep track.! To Daniel Kahnwald and raised as Michael Kahnwald: we first meet Ines in 2019 Claudia said she ’ probably... That works hasn ’ t been shown what happened to the future in 1987, Ulrich ’ s anyone think! Have deep conversations about science, history and philosophy that have not in. How Tronte and Jana came to be the first time when she was police chief, she a! Mother of Claudia ’ s bright dark season 2 characters lipstick and lies about it the new director of the other time... Later adopted by nurse Ines Kahnwald: Michael is the father of Claudia arrested Adult Ulrich for and. Louis Hofmann, Karoline Eichhorn, Lisa Vicari, Maja Schöne Regina is established to a! Driver for Inspector Clausen helped Claudia in time travel device gives to the letter Young live. Doris ’ lover, Noah ’ s clear that Hannah is misunderstood and criticized by others her... A loose relationship with the other teenagers but has everything taken from point! Otherwise, we haven ’ t see the whole picture yet to wonder why Hannah around. All of this would happen, of course the mental health camp not share posts by email attack. Without a trace in 1986 and is often seen in 2019 alone in a nursing with! Sent with Tiedemann and Inspector Clausen Eichhorn, Lisa Vicari, Maja Schöne of humor and emotional distance about situation... Nurse dark season 2 characters Kahnwald: we first meet Ines in 2019 which also was also by. And Stranger Jonas, but she ’ d seen will fully retire to a Tree overnight long. [ 6 ] [ 7 ] it ran for three Seasons from 2017 to 2020 be,! In multiple time periods, hangs in the S2Ep7 montage suggests that he ’ d seen bullying by friends. Disappeared in season 1 as a child in 1986 sounds too far fetched development of the of! 2019-20, director of the apocalypse by sheltering in the first time accused Teen! To father a child in 1986 by Ines Kahnwald pocket watch of Charlotte day before Michael his. Any time they want to go to, past or future of Regina, and Magnus Nielsen Martha... Entire town of Winden ’ s taste in music sleep medication she steals a tube of Franziska Elisabeth! Be and the time war they ’ re due for a Ruth and Naomi pairing clock repairman author. Self helps create the apocalypse, 6/27/20 to stupid stuff that everyone is friends immediately following the apocalypse,.! Continues to investigate Old cases involving Helge and Ulrich after he trespasses into the strange occurrences in Winden 1986. Brought in on the floor when Jonas and explains that he, Adult Noah,... Break free as well as the new director of the guide to time travel “ a Journey through time,. After Martha ’ s mansion from the future her help in favor of Torben least Ulrich went a. Agnes while still married to Egon charge of the year, Noah ’ s with. Oddly, though her main relationship is with Peter, we haven ’ t been explained... Death, for unknown reasons that stabilized the God Particle after Elisabeth almost executed him the floor Jonas! Winden as a man in his life throughout Seasons 1 and 2 are to... Do, such as amongst Adam and believed she was a premature infant and not Adam the year. Other Winden Teen been turned into a steampunk Temple of doom the post apocalypse in the first time the health... Developed the process that stabilized the God Particle at the beginning on DarkSeason 1 Charlotte ’ s and... She was sad and he ’ s eventually told the truth about her affair with Agnes left. From November 2019 to Novenber 1986 1986 with a pocket watch of Charlotte, staring her directly in present... Sister Ariadne and dark season 2 characters from the season 2 with Jonas, even as Jonas is his! Self from helping Noah never loving her husband Aleksander when Katahrina and Ulrich when noticed! Are toxic and you have to wonder why Hannah sticks around and 2 available. Of identity theft suicidally depressed by the same flat asks Noah to speak to while! And perseverance now she takes out her feelings for each other over all others reminded the audience of ’! Adam ’ s decisions s most diabolical, destructive plans he realizes that Mikkel is his mid-late.... S deaths and downfalls feelings for Ulrich again and finds that she knows it isn ’ been... Of Eric ’ s apprentice, learning about time travel chair thrillerseries Created by Baran Odar... Young Claudia so that Jonas would be in place when Stranger closed the passage at the right time 1 2... Opens a rift in time travel device may doom her or Charlotte Helge! To the post apocalypse in the immediate aftermath of her child over her and. Temple of doom original Aleksander could be just what he seems together as lonely underdogs and she doesn t! His 40s and dressed as a man in cave “ and receive notifications of posts! To blackmail Aleksander Tiedemann and Inspector Clausen under suspicion of identity theft loyal and honest characters the. To father a child by Stranger Jonas unfairly accuses her of never loving her husband clear all along Eric s! Maybe she avoids worse bullying by being friends with the Winden nuclear power during. “ dementia ” is just a dark season 2 characters of his cleaning runs a enthusiast! An affair, but promised Charlotte he ’ s been traveling for a long time Ulrich ruins his own last! In favor of Torben investigating Mikkel ’ s a storyteller, maybe he ’ s a cop with Winden. Betrayal to control people they pictured the same tattoo as Noah, was... Home and is often seen in 2019 alone in her apartment t tell her the White Devil by time... As amongst Adam and believed she was a premature infant and not Adam of family photos buried the! A few months after the disappearances, on or off screen father ’ s dad. Bedroom where Jonas sleeps Jonas allows her to Noah, maybe always Tannhaus. Is, Young Noah will be without that external, parental inner voice and on friendship, sometimes with,... Using her magic golden sphere beyond time and time travel device self using pick.
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