This index is for notes on the history of civil institutions relating to the town of Bridgwater. In 1200, Bridgwater was granted the status of a ‘Free Borough’, a grant made by King John to his man, William Brewere. This legal status gave considerable powers to the newly created townsmen, powers which, although would change over the centuries, would remain until 1974. This page looks into the the history of the Borough Corporation (the Town Council) and its mayor, but also notes on what actually makes the town a town, i.e. the powers granted by its charters. One of the privileges of the old town was the right to hold certain fairs and festivals, so details on some of these may also be found here. More work needs to be done on the history of the town’s powers and functioning, and also on its officers.

Evolution of the Borough Seal
The Borough Maces
Civic Medals
Borough Archives
The Bridgwater Court of Record
J.P. Polak

The Corporation and Councils

Notes on the Mayors of Bridgwater
Notes on the Town Clerk
Corporation Property in 1835
The Town Hall

Digitised Portraits of Bridgwater Mayors, MP and Town Clerk held in the Town Hall

Fairs and Festivals

Medieval Fairs and Markets
Lost Festivals
Coronation Celebrations