Built Environment

Index page concerning all aspects of the historic built environment of Bridgwater, including buildings, lost buildings, public art, streets and building materials. Covers the entire period of the town’s history, from 1200 to today. We always welcome contributions, so if you are able to add to any of these stories we will be glad to hear from you. We are especially keen to update sections on the lost twentieth century buildings of Bridgwater, as well as the lost nineteenth century industrial buildings. Click a link below to discover more.

Built Environment index page image.
Detail of a postcard showing the corner of Binford Place and Fore Street, sometime in the 1930s. Notes on the building on the left can be found on this page here. Note the ornate lantern on the town bridge, as well as the baby’s pram at the corner.
Historic Maps of Bridgwater
The Building Stones of old Bridgwater
Lost Bridgwater:
Notes on demolished Bridgwater
Notes on Surviving Streets and Buildings
Statues and Memorials

To help safeguard the preservation of Bridgwater’s historic built environment, consider joining the Bridgwater and District Civic Society, or the Friends of the Blake Museum. We hope the materials on this website will help inform future developments and preserve the town’s historic character.