Forgotten Soldiers of the First World War

Can you help identify any of these forgotten soldiers? Or add any additional information to our descriptions which may aid identification?

Unidentified Group, postcard published by H.P. Matthews of Bridgwater. Possibly a group of the Army Service Corps? Left, Lance-Corporal, wearing a snake belt and holding a walking stick. Centre, Officer, insignia on epaulettes, wearing ammunition bandolier for mounted soldiers, lanyard on left shoulder, riding boots with spurs, long cane. Right, possible insignia on epaulette, snake belt, cross rifle wrist patch denoting a marksmanship award, holding a riding crop, but not wearing riding boots.
Insignia on central individual’s epaulettes.

Unknown solider and family, postcard published by H.P. Matthews of Bridgwater. Soldier appears to be Army Service Corps; insignia on collars, lanyard on left shoulder, riding crop, cavalry boots, cavalry trousers. Pocket watch medallion fob attached to breast pocket.
Detail of insignia and fob.

Two pictures of the same two men, published by J. Slocombe & Son of Bridgwater. Man on left is a Corporal in Gloucestershire Regiment, wearing a 1915 pattern ‘cor blimey’ cap. Man on right is a Lance Corporal in the Somerset Light Infantry, wears a medal ribbon of unknown significance.
Detail of the medal ribbon. Any help identifying this would be greatly appreciated.

‘Harold’ published by J. Slocombe & Son of Bridgwater. Private in the Somerset Light Infantry. A pencilled note on the back of the card reads ‘Harold with love’.

Unknown Soldier, from a hand-made postcard. Royal Engineers? Postmark Bridgwater 31 August 1912 (two years before the war). Sent to Mrs B Powell at 73 Cemetery Road, Bridgend Glamorganshire. Message reads: Dear J. We are leaving Bridgwater tomorrow by first train. Will call upon you. As yet can-not say by what train we shall arrive. Best love from [Arthur?].
Signature – can you help decipher this?

The 1911 census has 73 Cemetery Road occupied by a ‘Davis’ family. There was a Powell at number 39 though: Thomas Powell, Emma, William James, Arthur Clifford, Walter and William James.