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1086: Brugie in the Domesday Book

c.1367: Bridgwater on the Gough Map (exact date unknown, but presumably after the Spire was added to St Mary’s)

1641 A Book of the Names of all Such Persons situate of the burrow and parish of Bridgwater to have taken the Protestation [against King Charles]
(note the early date for no middle ‘e’ in Bridgwater). Part of the UK Parliamentary Archives also here.

1754-1866 Elector Lists for Bridgwater Blake Museum Collections

1846 Letter from the inhabitants of Bridgewater, Somersetshire, England to the inhabitants of Bridgewater, Massachusetts, New England, America: dated Sept. 10, 1846: with reply dated Feb. 10, 1847. Refers to a petition Bridgwater folk sent about ending Slavery in the USA

1866-1870 Reports on electoral Bribery & Corruption Blake Museum Collections

1878 Letters from Jane Metford of Halesleigh Tower, Bridgwater to William Lloyd Garrison (American abolitionist, journalist, suffragist, and social reformer), converning anti-slavery, Boston Public Library.

1897-1972 Public Health Reports on the Borough and Port of bridgwater. Contain a mass of statistical material showing the growth over the past century. There is much about housing, etc., 

1914-1918 Newpaper Abstracts of Bridgwater during the First World War

1930s Aerial Views of Bridgwater (although ignore the Bridg-e-waters in the results here) Britain from Above,