Bailey’s British Directory, 1784


Market Days, Thursdays and Saturdays

Anstice, William, Surgeon

Anstice, Robert, Merchant and Cheese-factor

Axford, Richard, Ironmonger

Ball, Joseph, Grocer and Draper

Beake, George, Inn-keeper, the Swan

Bryant, James, Attorney at Law

Bryant, Robert, Surgeon and Apothecary

Came, William, Wine Merchant

Callen, Solomon, Merchant

Cox, John, Brewer and Maltster

Crandon, John, Corn-factor

Chubb, Jonathan, Wine and Timber Merchant

Coles, James, Attorney at Law, end General Receiver for the County

Chubb, James, Hatter and Ironmonger

Cass, John, Bookseller

Dawe, Hill, Surgeon and Apothecary

Deane, William, Earthen-ware and Glass-man

Dunning, John, M.D.

Ford, Robert, Mercer and Draper

Giles, Thomas, Surgeon

Haviland, John, jun., ditto

Haviland, James, Mercer and Draper

Holloway, John, Woollen-draper and Factor

Haviland, John, senior, Timber Merchant

Kebby, Benjamin, Maltster

Osler and Cole, Mercers and Drapers

Parsons, Robert, Mercer, Draper, and Grocer

Payne, John, Attorney at Law

Poole, Thomas, ditto

Phelps, Thomas, Inn-keeper, the George

Pyke, Thomas, Wholesale Brazier, Founder, Ironmonger, &Tinman

Ralls, Ebenezer, Brazier

Sealey, Edward, Wine Merchant

Symes, John, Surgeon and Apothecary

Symes, Richard, Attorney at Law

Symes, James, Grocer and Dealer in Spirits

Towel, Thomas, Tanner

Tucket, William, Wine Merchant

Taylor, John, Ironmonger

Trot, John, Rope-maker

Wetherill, John, Brewer and Maltster

Woodland, John, Maltster and Coal Merchant

Woollen, James, Mercer, Draper, and Grocer