Russ Collection

The Materials published here are from the collection of Brendon Russ, kindly supplied by Dave Russ. More will be published over time as they are digitised.

Brendon Russ

Dr Morgan’s School

Brendon Russ was one of the founding members of the Dr Morgan’s Society . Their website contains a number of pictures and records, which is worth a visit. The copies here of the Morganian relate to his time at the school.

Rules and Regulations

School Photograph, May 1947

Prize Certificate Somerset School Games Association Athletic Section Meeting at Taunton, 28 June 1947

The Morganian Vol.20, no.2 April 1944

The Morganian Vol.22, no.1 April 1946

The Morganian Vol.23, no.1 December 1946

The Morganian Vol.23, no.3 July 1947

The Morganian Vol.24, no.1 December 1947

The Morganian Vol.24, no.2 April 1948

The Morganian Vol.25, no.1 December 1948

The Morganian Vol.25, no.2 April 1949

The Morganian Vol.25, no.3 July 1949

Bridgwater Youth Services



The Cellophane Magazine.

Cello-topics Magazine, Vol.4, No.6, December 1950

Cello-topics Magazine, Vol.6, No.6, December 1952

Cello-topics Magazine, Vol.7, No.3, June 1953

Sydenham Manor

An Account of Sydenham Manor House and Some of its former owners, C.H. Ward-Jackson, 1962

The Story of Sydenham Manor, (extracts from Ward-Jackson) c.1980s

Supplement June 1988