Bridgwater Alfred 1.30, 27 February 1832


G.D. Aldridge to reopen (on the day of publication) a linen and woolen drapery shop in St Mary Street, previously run by Mr Richard Burt.

A dwelling house to let in Friarn Place, late in the occupation of Rev. James Wollen. ‘the highest and most healthy part of town’, particulars to be obtained from Mr Bowen.

Complaint about the disgraceful state of Eastover on market day, primarily congestion and bad parking.

Margaret Purse convicted for assaulting James Gogarty.

Poem on the Cholera in London by ‘C.C.’

Letter from a slave plantation overseer, the son of Benjamin Hunt of Pilton. More on the plantation mentioned, Bean’s Estate, Hannover, Jamaica, can be read here.