Bridgwater Alfred 1.35, 2 April 1832

Notes from the 2 April 1832 edition:

Land for rent in Chilton Trinity (Batchelor’s Mead of three acres, late in the occupation of Thomas Gulliford), Cannington (20 acres near Benham’s Leaze, late in the occupation of Thomas Gulliford) and North Petherton (Smalls, Bawdrips and Brooks, Dobins or Trotts, totalling over 68 acres).

L. Davis, optician, to visit Bridgwater from the Bath firm of S. Solomon, and can be visited over ten days at T. Slocombe’s cabinet market on Fore Street.

Sad description of the death of an unanmed frail elderly vagrant at Pawlett.

2 April 1832 vagrant
Death of an unknown vagrant reported 2 April 1832

Reports on the emigration to Quebec from Bridgwater on 29 March. Sailed the EUPHROSYNE with 208 passengers, the MEDUSA with 98 passengers and the CYBELE with 38 passengers. The EUPHROSYNE seems to have arrived on 14 May 1832. The MEDUSA arrived on 16 May 1832.

Detailed report of one hopeful emigrant becoming the victim of two con-artists, taken to an inn, but drugged and subsequently robbed. The man was thus unable to go to Canada to start his new life.

Mr Trevor dropping charges against Wride and Knight for shooting into his bedroom window. This incident was first reported in the 2 April 1832 edition.

Report on the Taunton Assizes.