Bridgwater Alfred 2.58, 10 September 1832


Notes from the 10 September 1832 edition of the Bridgwater Alfred:

Notice of the 19th Anniversary meeting of the Bridgwater Infirmary. An ‘ordinary’ (presumably a fund-raising banquet) to be held in the Royal Clarence Hotel.

A petition is published addressed to the Mayor of Bridgwater (Joseph Ruscombe Poole) highlighting the problem of vagrancy in the town, and calling for the establishment of a MENDICITY SOCIETY in the town. In response to this petition, there is also published by the mayor, notice of a public meeting to discuss the same. The subscribers to the petition were:

10 September 1832 Bridgwater Alfred
Some notes on the signatories in the 10 September 1832 edition of the Alfred: Robert Anstice was a noted scientist, as was William Baker. Clement Heard was a chemist. Edward Sealy built Edward Street. William Wollen was vicar of St Mary’s. George Awbrey was the publisher of the Alfred. Francis Thompson was a Quaker and a cabinet maker. John Browne was a brick and tile manufacturer and had been in some controversy earlier in the year. The Grabhams were farmers of Wembdon.

Extensive review of the new Bath and Bristol Magazine or Western Miscellany, with an interesting discussion of the natural history of Somerset.

Notice concerning the rectory of Street and Chaplaincy of Wolton.

Land to let at Lilstock.

Farming stock and implements of Thomas Leigh of Combwich (‘Cumwitch’) to be auctioned.