Bridgwater Alfred 1.45, 11 June 1832


Notes on the 11 June 1832 Edition

Observations on an insurrection in France (the one which inspired Les Misérables) and the usual ongoing remarks remarks on the 1832 Reform Bill.

Detailed description of the annual examination of the young gentlemen of the Grammar School in King Square. This was conducted by Mr Giles (schoolmaster) and assisted by Mr Griffith, and there was an audience of the youngsters friends and parents, along with local clergy and gentry. The examination took the form of a spoken question and answer session on the history, doctrines and philosophies of the New Testament, then on Greek (specifically Contra Thebas of Aeschylus and Anabasis of Xenophon), Latin (Virgil’s Aeneid) and French language (Le Lecteur Francais), then history (based on Robertson’s conquest of South America by the Spanish) and mathematics (mostly Algebra and Calculus). An exact account of Bridgwater’s Grammar School needs to be made, at this time it was separate to Dr Morgan’s Charity School.

Mention of the Puriton troop of Yeomanry training at Taunton. The Puriton Troop seems to have been part of the Taunton Troop in this account, while Bridgwater seems to have been more associated with the Stowey Troop.

Report on the Bridgwater Infirmary:

11 June 1832
Infirmary Report 11 June 1832