Bridgwater Alfred 2.54, 13 August 1832


Notes from the 13 August 1832 edition:

Advertisement of James Evans of the Quay, for house building, carpentry and joinery. Previously apprenticed to Richard Carver, late of the town, and Evans had worked on several ‘mansions’ under Carver’s inspection. Plans, estimates and specifications furnished.

Joseph R. Poole letter to the commissioners of the sewers.

Miss Tratt gives notice that she has moved her ‘seminary’ to a house in Mill Street (Blake Street), previously occupied by Rev. W.S. Browne, which has an extensive garden.

The editors of the Alfred had received three communications reacting to the previous edition’s instructions from Dr Toogood regarding the treatments for Cholera. Only one letter is published, which stresses the need for preventative measures, as well as the curative ones recommended by Toogood. The writer suggests:

  1. Cleanliness: and the need to clean the houses of the poor, no filth in the streets and those streets to be watered several times a day.
  2. Diet: avoid vegetables and acescent fruits, only eat a moderate amount of meat and ripe fruit.
  3. Regular mild purging of the bowels and digestive organs
  4. Tranquillity of mind.

Another letter discusses aspects of the geology of the rock strata of the western end of the Polden Hills, and mentions a marine fossil.

Opening of the Burnham Pump Room and a delightful description of Weston super Mare, including the attempt by Dr Fox to build a pier at Knightstone:

Extract from 13 August 1832 Bridgwater Alfred
Extract from 13 August 1832 Bridgwater Alfred