Bridgwater Alfred 2.59, 17 September 1832


Notes from the 17 September 1832 edition:

Cottage to be let in North Petherton, associated with Gatcombe House. Farms to be let at Chedzoy. Langport, Somerton and Castle Cary turnpike property to let. Book on varnish advertised. Meeting of the Somerset sewers advertised.

Report on the evidence by Vincent Stucky on banking in Somerset to the bank committee in parliament.

Notice of the meeting advertised last week for the possibility of the Mendicity Society in Bridgwater – the meeting resolves to establish one.

Notice on the death of Thomas Read, brother of John Read, tailor of Cornhill.

Extensive report on the 19th Anniversary Meeting of the Bridgwater Infirmary. The dinner provided by Mrs Maynard ‘was excellent’. The meeting was chaired by C.J.K. Tynte. Clifford Gill, the secretary, gave a report on the year, with income down and patient numbers up:

Tynte discusses fundraising and encourages the local clergy to hold sermons in aid of the effort. Dr Gapper then reports on patient numbers:

Report on Infirmary patients, Bridgwater Alfred 17 September 1832

Sir Thomas Lethbridge thanks the chair and the medical staff.

Mr Toogood speaks and makes reference to two difficult cases. The first was reported in the Alfred on 9 July 1832, of a 70-year-old man named Hodges stuck down by a cart on the bridge, whose leg had to be amputated. The second was to refer to slander directed against Mr William Trevor about the death of Charlotte Green, supposedly bled to death by him, although stated to have been by inflammation of the bowels.

Brief list of donations to the hospital fund, which includes the ANDERDONs of Bath.