Bridgwater Alfred 2.55, 20 August 1832


Notes from the 20 August 1832 edition:

Advert for the Bridgwater Races for August 1832. The Race Ordinaries and the Race Ball to be held at the Royal Clarence Hotel, C.J.K. Tynte to be the steward. More on the Bridgwater Races can be read on our Lost Festivals page.

Bridgwater Alfred 20 August 1832
The Royal Clarence in 1845

Notice from the Bridgwater Board of Health with preparations for a possible outbreak of Cholera. A rota is laid out for on-call physicians to contact in the case of symptoms and mentions of a specialised Cholera hospital.

Advertisement for various properties to be let at Wiveliscombe: Nunnington Down and the Tithes of Fitzhead.

Report on the Somerset Assizes held at Taunton.

A poem by ‘C’ for the Bridgwater Alfred (20 August 1832) entitled ‘the Picture’.

Report on rumours of Cholera at Taunton. A travelling worker called William Smith of Grenwich, seems to have contracted it after visiting Plymouth and Exeter, and died at Taunton, having been attended by Mr Dyer, but had not apparently infected anyone else. Unlike Bridgwater, Cholera did break out in Taunton this year, although the mortality rate was not too great (p23).

A delightful but short note of gas lighting having been installed at Wells, with plans to pave the streets.