Bridgwater Alfred 2.64, 22 October 1832

Notes from the 22 October 1832 edition:

Advertisement for various trade manuals by Charles Frederick Partington including clocks, coach and wheelwrights, ship building, building, printing, engraving, painting, varnishing, dying, cabinet making, brass founding and mill wrighting. Although not directly Bridgwater related, these manuals would have been useful for the tradesmen in the town.

Report on the Bridgwater Quarter Sessions:

  • William Morris, previously convicted of felony, sentenced to 7 years transportation for stealing a hat from Samuel Lee of Bridgwater.
  • Samuel Dale for ‘unlawfully uttering base coin’ sentenced to 2 years imprisonment and hard labour
  • Michael Michaels for stealing a reticule (handbag) sentenced to 1 year imprisonment and hard labour
  • Ruth Mitchel for stealing two silver spoons from Mrs Maynard of the Royal Clarence Hotel, sentenced to 6 months imprisonment with hard labour.

Notice that Charles Penruddoch and Alexander Edmund Cockburn are appointed to and were working on a revised Bridgwater voters’ list.

Mention that the Royal Arch Masons of Bridgwater held a Royal Arch Chapter in the Lamb Inn, where the brothers were ‘exhalted to that sublime degree’ and left merrily in the early hours. For a history on Freemasonry in Bridgwater, see Jarman’s chapter here.

The Lamb Inn in High Street, where the masons usually met. Mentioned in this 22 October 1832 edition.

Editorial on the workings of the reform bill.

Death in Bridgwater of Miss Rebecca Puduck of Winterbourne Gloucestershire on 17 October, aged 26.