Bridgwater Alfred 1.51, 23 July 1832


Notes from the 23 July 1832 edition:

This edition is mostly taken up with political editorials and letters from candidates seeking election. The 1832 general election would not be held until the back end of the year, but the candidates for the last few editions, and no doubt for the rest of the year, have been busy soliciting support from the voters in the district.

We see a repeat of adverts from previous editions, including for the auction of the Crown in St Mary Street, the sailing of the Euphrosyne for Quebec in Canada, adverts for game and ale licences. A dairy farm is to be sold at Baltonsborough; a Dwelling house and honey land in Cheddar.

Two unexpected letters for individuals seeking election are Joseph Ruscombe Poole and I.S. Warren seeking to become commissioners for the sewers of Somerset.

Another poem contributed to the Bridgwater Alfred by ‘C’, entitled ‘Lisetta, the betrothed’. C has contributed several poems to the Alfred before this, including Monday 19 March 1832, Monday 30 April 1832, Monday 28 May 1832, for example.

Mr Awbrey, who manages the adverts for the paper, includes an advert for Dr Patrick Anders’s genuine Scotch Pills, his Specific Pills and his Improved female Pills.

Otherwise 23 July 1832 is a fairly uninteresting edition.