Bridgwater Alfred 2.60, 24 September 1832

Notes from the 24 September 1832 edition:

Auction at the late Mrs Cooze’s house in Castle Street of all her former property. John Criddle the auctioneer. The notice gives us a good idea of the furnishing of one of the Castle Street properties at this time:

Mrs Cooze’s House in Castle Street, Bridgwater Alfred, 24 September 1832

Farm to let at Chedzoy. Farm for sale at Nunnington Down. A dwelling to let in Cossington and very detailed descriptions of items from the Cossington Manor House to be sold.

Tolls on the Bridgwater turnpikes to be let, ie for a fixed sum a person could buy the right to collect the tolls from the various tollgates around the district. The tolls are let in two lots, one a large group of different roads, the second the more lucrative and new Bristol Road (which had been built by Bowen). The Monmouth Street Tollhouse seems to be described as the Dunball Gate.

Inquest into a drowned man washed up at Steart Island, apparently a mariner, with a description of his clothing and items found on his body.

Poem contributed by C.

Notice about St Matthews Fair and measures to avoid Cholera – more constables have been appointed to deter vagrants.