Bridgwater Alfred 1.52, 30 July 1832

Notes from the 30 July 1832 edition:

Again, large coverage is given over to Tory party-political editorials and candidates letters, and the adverts are repeats from the preceding weeks.

Mention of the second meeting of the West Somerset Archers at Maunsel House (North Newton), hosted by Lieutenant General Sir John Slade. Good weather, well hosted and dancing in the evening. It’s not clear how the West Somerset Archers developed, but there is still a thriving archery enthusiasm in Somerset today, as indicated here and here. As an aside, Bridgwater once had archery butts by the river, just north of the Lions, mentioned on the 1735 sketch map.

Inquest at Bridgwater town hall, over the body of Elizabeth Prior. It was feared that she had died of Cholera, but investigation suggested she had been suffering from pain in the bowels for several days, and the death was instead attributed to visitation by God.

Inquest at Burnham on Sea on the bodies of 9-year-old George Bloaden and 7-year-old John Bloaden. The elder boy was employed by a local farmer to chase birds from the cornfields. The younger boy was sent to carry him dinner, and the two were to return home later. Their bodies were however found at the bottom of a cow pit, one boy having evidentially fallen in, then the second falling in trying to help the first out, resulting in both drowning.

Notice of the death of 27-year-old Ann Symes of Sydenham Farm, after a long and painful illness. Her father was Benjamin Symes.

Shipping list for 30 July 1832