Studies in Bridgwater History

These introductory guides to aspects of the town’s story, or ‘Studies in Bridgwater History’, were written 2010-18 as printed 3 column trifolded leaflets for visitors to take away, but have  now been  reformatted so they can be accessed with  a smart phones while walking round the museum. Pages on the Friary, St John’s Hospital and Entertainment have all just now been written specially for this effort. They are offered here as summaries on various Bridgwater topics. Also see the overview reference index for Bridgwater History.

Tony Woolrich September 2022

The Ichthyosaur

General Histories

Entertainment in Bridgwater

Economic History of Bridgwater

Education in Bridgwater

Bridgwater Carnival

Bridgwater Photography



The Hospital of St John

The Franciscan Friary

Bridgwater Castle

Early Modern

Siege of Bridgwater

Robert Blake

Battle of Sedgemoor

Bridgwater and the abolition of Slavery

Chubb Portraits


Bridgwater Railways

Bridgwater and the 1851 Great Exhibition

Bridgwater Folksongs

The Brick and Tile Industry

Bridgwater Workhouses

Modern History

Blake Gardens

Bridgwater Pageant



Bridgwater Parish Churches

The Bells of St Mary’s Church

Bridgwater Chapels and Meeting Houses

Bridgwater Burial Grounds

This History of the Blake Museum

Bridgwater Town Mill

Bridgwater Libraries

Freemasonry in Bridgwater

Bridgwater Weights and Measures


The Port of Bridgwater

Gallant Little Ships of Bridgwater

The Irene

HMS Blake

Bridgwater History picture.
Blake’s House and the Town Mill in about 1905. Now the town museum.