This is the index page for historical notes on Bridgwater’s various historic industries. By the eighteenth century Bridgwater had developed small industries in bring making and casting, both of which were expanded in the ninetieth. The nineteenth century saw the rapid expansion of new industries, such as shirt and collar manufacturing, and industrial methods were applied to old crafts, such as wicker furniture making. All suffered greatly in the mid-twentieth century. Although some manufacturing still occurs in the town, sectors such as the brick and tile making are completely gone. We hope to expand this page in the future, and contributions are welcome.

Bridgwater Industry Past and Present
by Edmund Porter, 1971
Bridgwater Clockmakers through the ages
by N. & D. Woodford, 2019
The Bridgwater Bell Foundries (1739 to 1833), and comparisons with other Founders on the Severn Estuary at those times at Chepstow and Gloucester.
By Geoffrey R. Marchant, 2019
Bell Founding in Bridgwater,
Thomas Pyke & the Gaol Bells
By Tony Woolrich, 2019
The Process of Handicraft Brick Making
By Charles Tomlinson, 1852
Inventory of the Dunball Steam Pottery , c.1886
By MKP, 2019
York & Son, Lantern Slide Manufacturers
By Dr Peter Cattermole, 2009
The Process of Rope Making
By Charles Tomlinson, 1852
The Oil & Cake Mill
By MKP, 2017
The Bridgwater Wire Rope Works
By Paul Berryman, 2020