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The Blake Museum Trifold Series

Robert Dunning, Bridgwater from the Victoria County History for Somersetshire, vol.6, 1992

Anon., The Duke of Chandos’s influence on Bridgwater’s houses, also from the Victoria County History

Bernard Dennis MBE, The Egerton Dukes of Bridgewater. Although the Dukes did not live in the area, their title comes from the town.

Drum and Loxston, Notes on the History of St Joseph’s Parish

Peter Higginbotham, The Bridgwater Workhouse

Clare Gathercole, An archaeological assessment of Bridgwater, 2002 (.pdf file)

An Index of Somerset Architects

Notes on the Bridgwater Turnpike Trust

Notes on Bridgwater Freemasonry

David Sutcliffe, Bridgwater’s Contribution to the Folk Songs of Somerset 2019 – also see this (and other versions) of one of the many songs collected:

Don’t Go Kissing the Girls at Bridgwater Fair.
Don’t Go Kissing the Girls at Bridgwater Fair.