The Ancient Borough of Bridgwater: Greswell on Blake

Rev. William Parr Greswell on Blake, chapter 14 of Powell’s Ancient Borough of Bridgwater, which was also published separately.

Additional Notes:

This chapter was also printed by Page & Son of Bridgwater (42 Fore Street) as a stand-along booklet, entitled ‘Admiral Blake General-at-Sea’ by the Rev. William Parr Greswell, M.A. Oxon, F.R.G.S. No changes were made to the text. A note at the back indicates that it was printed by William Brendon and Son Ltd, Printers of Plymouth (appropriate given the connection to Blake). This copy seems to have been given by the publishers (who claimed the copyright) to Greswell himself, with the pen inscription ‘Free to Author Nov 28/11’, i.e. 28 November 1911. A pasted in note is written by Greswell himself:

‘Martlet House, Minehead, November 28/11. Dear Mr Kille, You might like to have a copy of my Life of Admiral Blake. It was originally a chapter contributed, amongst others, to Dr Powell’s History of the Ancient Borough of Bridgwater. The passage about swearing occurs on p.33. Yours William Greswell’.

The passage referred to apparently relates to the lack of swearing on Blake’s ship, a story which might be somewhat exaggerated given the famous nature of mariners in that regard. Tucked within the pages of the booklet is a newspaper clipping, dated 9 April 1921, with details of the wider Blake family.

Admiral Blake General-at-Sea' by the Rev. William Parr Greswell, M.A. Oxon, F.R.G.S
Admiral Blake General-at-Sea by the Rev. William Parr Greswell, M.A. Oxon, F.R.G.S
Handwritten letter pasted onto the title page.

Also see the shorter booklet by Page and Son on Robert Blake, possibly by Greswell as well.