Orchard Lane Wembdon

Possible Burial Site?

Orchard Lane from Wembdon Road

Recorded on the 1887 Ordinance Survey Map is the location of the discovery of a stone coffin under Orchard Lane in Wembdon. What happened to this coffin is a mystery. Its location on the below maps is today the top of Vicars Lane (which comes off of Orchard Lane) and is now occupied by houses.

The context for it being here is interesting. A Roman settlement has been suggested in the area nearer the Wembdon Road Cemetery, or we might just assume it was dragged from Bridgwater after the middle ages for use as a horse trough. However, perhaps more relevant, the field on the otherside of the Kidsbury Rhyne to Orchard Lane is noted in the Tithe Apportionment Map for Wembdon as called ‘Gallows’. This might just be because it belonged to a man called Gallow, although it might hint towards the site being a place of execution. For now though this remains a mystery.

The field recorded as ‘Gallows’ on the Tithe Apportionment Map of the 1840s.

MKP May 2020. Additional notes supplied by Jon White 29 July 2020.