The Cellars of Old Pardoes, 7-9 King Square

Members of the Bridgwater Heritage Group and the Bridgwater & District Archaeological Society were able to inspect the cellars of these properties which lie approximately at the southern corner of Henry Harvey’s mansion with Bridgwater Castle.

The visits took place in January and February 2011. The structures seen have now largely been covered-up by building works for Castle Apartments.

The Ruins of Henry Harvey’s House, which was converted from the internal gatehouse of Bridgwater Castle, surveyed in 1777 and overlaid on the modern plan of King Square. The ruins were demolished to make way for King Square and much of the stone presumably being used in the construction of the new town houses in 1813. Features in the cellars of King Square (and Castle Street, Queen Street and even parts of the Cornhill) may preserve in-situ fragments of Bridgwater Castle.

First Visit

Initial visit. Features explored were stone walls, well and polychromatic window

Second Visit

The houses are numbered from the east i.e H1 is the eastern-most (no.9)

Third Visit

Fourth Visit

Dr Peter Cattermole 27 May 2014