Images of Bridgwater during and after the First World War

A postcard showing the Cornhill and the Blake Statue covered in boards for a drive to sell war bonds. This event, ‘Business Men’s Boom Week’ was held 4th to 9th March 1918. Another board from the event seems to have survived here. At £2,500 each, the target of £42500 would have bought seventeen aeroplanes.
The War Memorial, King Square, Bridgwater. Publisher ‘F H Light, the Cornhill Library, Bridgwater, no. 80590’. Unposted and undated, sometime between 1924 and 1939, probably the late 20s given the car in the background. Note the two small children on the grass. Part of the Cattermole Collection. Before more panels were added after the Second World War, the form of the four crosses of the base can be more clearly seen – the message being that Civilisation above rests on the sacrifice of those symbolised below.