Bridgwater Alfred 1.11, 17 October 1831

Notes from the 17 October 1831 Edition of the Bridgwater Alfred:

Mr Andrews has engaged Messrs Evans, J.O. Atkins, Hobbs and Fitzwilliams, to give a vocal concert in the Royal Clarence Hotel on 20 October 1831. Programme details. Later letter to the editor congratulating the effort.

Turnpike meeting set in Bridgwater for 7 November 1831.

Notice from the court for the relief of insolvent debtors notice on William George, late of Bridgwater, Vessel Owner and Coal Merchant.

George Awbrey advertises new annuals and the Royal Lady’s Magazine.

Editorial on a reform meeting at Taunton.

A lecture on colonial slavery delivered in the Assembly Room in the Royal Clarence Hotel by the Rev. E. Dewdney of St John’s College Cambridge – calling for ‘liberating the slave’.

The Royal Clarence Hotel in 1845. Mentioned 17 October 1831.

List of Constables sworn in for various areas around town. Each name given for which streets they are to watch over.

Thomas Broad committed to Wilton Gaol by the mayor of Bridgwater for stealing a watch from Samuel James of Bridgwater, a lodging house keeper. Broad also stole from William Jones of Catcott a canvas purse, one half sovereign and several shillings.

Mary Hiorns, wife of James Hiorns, mason, committed to gaol for stealing from Manelot Hemery of Pawlett, farmer, one five pound note and three sovereigns.

Inquest at West Monkton of George Lang, an elderly man, who took a hearty breakfast, aside from an asthmatic cough, but whilst walking across the sitting room complained of a pain in his stomach, sat down in a chair and died instantly.

Inquest at Cannington at Knaplock farm, of William Washer, respectable farmer and cattle dealer, aged 49. Called at his brother in law’s, George Fish at Over Stowey, drinking ale. Commented that he was having trouble looking up. The following morning his horse was found with his body a little distance away in a coma. He died a couple of days later after reviving a little.

Inquest on the body of Eppahras Merret a young farmer of Compton Dunden – died after a mis fire of a gun causes a terrible wound.

Death notice of Mr John Phillips, grocer of Cornhill.

Death notice of Mr Robert Holloway, tailor of St Mary Street