Bridgwater Alfred 2.72, 17 December 1832

Notes from the 17 December 1832 Edition of the Bridgwater Alfred

Glastonbury Christmas Ball advertised, which will take place in their town hall.

A linseed oil mill is offered for let at Creech near Taunton.

Notice that a lighthouse is to be erected at ‘Pawle Point’ near Start Head.

John Bowen, victim of a riot in Friarn Street, reported 17 December 1832

MONDAY LAST: An attack on John Bowen, editor and owner of the Bridgwater Alfred, is described in detail. A mob of around 200, some armed and many in disguise gathered outside Friarn Lawn, behind the gates to those set of houses. Around 8 to 10 people were employed to protect Bowen’s house while he was out. At 11pm Bowen retuned home and called for order from behind the gates. Eventually he sends Borough Constables to arrest the ringleaders, but in the scuffle Bowen is caught and beaten by the mob. He retreats while still being beaten, and the constables are also overwhelmed and driven back. The mob force the gates and release those ringleaders who had been arrested. The Mayor and Town Clerk eventually arrive and read the Riot Act, which leads to the mob dispersing. Bowen is so injured he is confined to bed.

TUESDAY: report on the election – the Tory candidates withdraw, so C.K.K. Tynte and William Tayleur are elected as MPs for Bridgwater. They are paraded through the town.

WEDNESDAY: the Tory supporters meet in the Royal Clarence and discuss the defeat.

Also reported are the results of the other local elections.

Death notice, 15 December, of Mr Benjamin Bowering, tallow chandler of Bridgwater.