Bridgwater Alfred 2.62, 8 October 1832

Notes from the 8 October 1832 edition:

Advertisement from James Stockham, builder and bricklayer, thanking customer for his 20 years in the trade, and notifying them that he has now gone into partnership with his son, who had been sent to London to work and gain experience.

The position of land surveyor advertised for Stawell, to measure map and value the village.

Hamp Nursery Garden to be sold in lots at auction – an insolvent debtor sale. It seems the established trees are being sold.

Further details of the Cossington Manor Sale. Details of the furniture and paintings.

Report on the Bridgwater Infirmary:

8 October 1832
Bridgwater Infirmary Report 8 October 1832

Very long report on a Grand Meeting at Taunton of the Electors of the Western Division of Somerset.

Richard Anstice sworn in as Mayor, Mr Edward Anstice Stradling and Mr Thomas Howell Watson sworn in as bailiffs, Joseph Ruscombe Poole sworn in as Receiver of the Revenues of the Corporation, and Mr Sealy sworn in as rReceiver of the Quay and Harbour dues.

Report on St Matthew’s fair: note of the unimpressive livestock sales, note of the quantity of cheese offered for sale. Thirty special constables had been sworn in to serve alongside the usual constables to deter strolling vagabonds, such that ‘not heard of any of those instances of fraud and outrage which used to be so prevalent St Matthew’s Fair.’

Oversupply of Teazles in the county. Pheasant shooting has started. Some 80-90 prisoners are being held in Somerset’s gaols awaiting trial.

New comet noted in the sky by Carl Ludwig Harding.