Henry Corder 1853 – 1944

Henry Corder (1853-1944) was born at Ipswich 13 May 1853, and educated at Bootham school where he developed a life-long love of astronomy. He moved to Bridgwater where he was in business as a nurseryman and seedsman. He was twice married and had two sons. He was an avid collector and natural historian, and a keen photographer He was a council member of the SANHS, as well as being a sought-after lecturer.

He died at his residence, ‘Silver Birch’, Wembdon Road, Bridgwater, 17 November 1944.

His local nature diaries, illustrated with his photographs, are in the library of SANHS.

Source: Edward H Milligan, Biographical Dictionary of British Quakers in Commerce and Industry, 1775-1920,,2007, p 119

A P Woolrich 26 January 2011