Spencer James Perceval 1838 – 1922

Spencer George Perceval, (1838-1922), amateur antiquary and geologist. He was the second son of Ernest Augustus Perceval and his cousin Beatrice Trevelyan. At the time of his birth they were living at Old Cleeve near Watchet. Spencer George’s grandfather was Spencer Perceval the Prime Minister who was assassinated in 1812. Ernest Augustus was an army officer who fought in the Crimean War and the Indian Mutiny.

He was educated at Radley college and Trinity College, Cambridge, and became an avid collector of antiquarian and geological specimens. Between 1852 and 1863 he made collections of Somerset minerals, which were deposited in the Somerset County Museum. He was an avid collector of books and manuscripts , including the Baker MSS noted.

A P Woolrich 26 January 2011