Historical Sources Relating to Bridgwater Castle


Bridgwater Borough Archives 1200-1366

Bridgwater Borough Archives, 1366-1400

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Bridgwater Borough Archives, 1400-1445

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Bridgwater Borough Archives 1445-1468

Bridgwater Borough Archives, 1468-1485

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Mentions of the Castle in Published State Sources 1226-1656

Early Modern

Bridgwater Port Survey 1565 [external site]

Survey of the Manor of Bridgwater Castle 1617

Extracts from Pamphlets on the Storm of Bridgwater 1645

Chapter 2 of Joshua Sprigg Anglia Rediviva 1647

Eighteenth Century and Modern

Property Details of Castle House 1735

The Topographer, with Illustration of the Watergate 1790

Commentary on Collinson’s History of Somerset 1791

John Chubb’s Illustrations of Castle House 1790s

Memories of Parker 1877